10.11 2018

[Success story] An entrepreneur passionate by video games and turn his passion into business

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Photo [Success story] An entrepreneur passionate by video games and turn his passion into business

For most people, passion is often in second place because they do not have the opportunity to work in the field of their passion. It is not always possible to work in the field that you have always wanted since your childhood. However, for some people, their dream eventually comes true, even if it was delayed.

That's why, for some people, it's during their down times or during a weekend that they focus on their inclinations. In contrast to that, if you have a passion for technology, then it is when you discover your passions that you can start to concentrate and seek by all means how to live a living from that passion. And it is the case of Stephane Portha who is now 49.

A success well traced from his childhood

GraalOnline Zone is perhaps the best-known game lately; however GraalOnline was its first version. Other versions followed, such as Graalonline classical +, Graalonline zone + and Era +. Indeed, this triumph would not have been possible without Stephane Portha's discovery of his true passions during his childhood. In fact, Stephane Portha has a passion for video games and information networks. Upon discovery of his passions, he set off to work in the field of technology. Even so, difficult decisions and choices influenced and contributed to this success, such as:

  •  The entrepreneurial logic
  •  The creation of his own company
  •  The creation of the consortium named Eurocenter Group
  •  Participation in the launch of video games available on Appstore

His very first contact with the video game

The discovery of his passion is none other than through technology. The year 1972 was marked by the popular video game Pong. From his first contact with the game, he did not want to do without it. Playing the game daily, his passion for video games began. However, he did not stop there because he wanted something new.

A game that comes out of everyday life that many people can play at the same time. To this end, he found that the game Pong was special and he wanted to offer a video game of his own. By developing this game and using his know-how with the machines available at that time, he built his first masterpiece: the Tank video game. A multi-player video game with fluid features, easy to understand and fun.

A collaboration with several entities

At only fourteen years old, Stéphane Portha's Tank game attracted many people from all over the planet, including French people. That game initiated him into the world of French games. Finally, it was his collaboration with the unique network at that time that allowed him to combine his two passions. Even after starting his own business, Stéphane Portha continued to expand his business and share his passions. These collaborations focused solely on the digital sector, including:

  •  Linux
  •  Neogeo
  •  Commerce.fr
  •  Inmob
  •  Bridge.fr

By working for those big firms in the digital world, not only has he acquired a lot of know-how; but he also has mainly developed his passions. Even today he says that without all his experience, it is very likely that his own company never came into being.